In The “Whaaa” Awards

26 09 2007


Sorry, but this person didn’t come to mind as #1 pundit. 

I just didn’t expect this.

I also really never expected that Bill O’Reilly would ever have a popular nightly talk show  after “Inside Editon”.

I’m naive that way.

Or hopeful. You pick.




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27 09 2007
Jack lail

And who says journalists are jaded.

27 09 2007

Who knew. I have my days.

27 09 2007

I’ve never heard him say a single word about politics. I’ve never seen him on the circuit (Daily Show, Charlie Rose,….I’ve never even heard of him appearing on one of the FOX traitor shows either.

Ebert????!!!! 😀 😀 😦

Of course, Forbes and that entire family are a Right-Wing Republican joke so it doesn’t surprise me that they could be talked into declaring the biggest nobody in American political punditry “#1” while bypassing Arianna Huffington, Randi Rhodes, Keith Olberman, or even a slug like Chris Matthews.

Funny joke there, Steve (Forbes). Keep kissing your master’s ass.

27 09 2007
Grammar Nazi

You know Cap, when you’re naming people who you think would be pundits, keep in mind not all pundits have to work in politics (and if you read Ebert’s reviews, he’s very politically astute).

“To come up with its conclusions, Forbes analyzed market research from the firm E-Poll, examining more than 60 well-known pundits who specialize in opining on politics, news, entertainment, sports, or the law.”

Most people couldn’t pick Huffington or Chris Matthews out of a lineup. Olberman might be better known, since he’s on Sunday Night Football. Nobody would recognize Randi Rhodes, and liberal political radio shock jock isn’t exactly political pundit (otherwise Howard Stern would be the #1 pundit).

But Ebert? Ebert is on TV every week, and has been on TV every day for 30 years. He’s in the newspaper every day. His name is mentioned in every other movie commercial or poster. I mean hell, Ebert’s been a Muppet!

“Comedian Bill Maher, who has a weekly talk show on HBO, was ranked second, followed by cable talker Bill O’Reilly; liberal radio host and comedian Al Franken; TV journalist Geraldo Rivera; comedian Rosie O’Donnell; film critic Leonard Maltin; legal commentator Greta Van Susteren; economics news commentator Lou Dobbs; and basketball analyst Bill Walton.”

Basically, if you’re on TV or came from a TV background, you’re a well-known pundit.

27 09 2007

Whoops, that’s me. Fuck!

27 09 2007

Well, I guess I could be using a rather narrow definition of pundit.
But I just don’t click with Ebert and Politics. I guess I’ll look into his views a little more but I just don’t see it.

27 09 2007

It’s not necessarily his personal view as much as it is his analysis of the views reflected in the movies he sees and observations related to that stuff. One good thing about Ebert is he doesn’t cram a lot of his personal opinion at the reader that isn’t related to the issues of the film. I think your definition of pundit is a lot more narrow than the definition they used in the poll. Going by their usage of pundit (anyone who opines for a living on a certain field), I don’t see how anyone could catch up to someone as visible and well-liked/respected as Ebert.

I’m actually surprised O’Reilly and Franken beat out Leonard Maltin and Bill Walton. I figure most people don’t watch much cable news programming on a daily basis, and I know most people don’t listen to Air America (political talk radio in general seems like a niche market compared to TV).

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