Retail Politics

12 08 2007

I was wandering around the blogosphere this a.m., and found this article about what presidential candidates really CAN’T, or won’t rather, say while being on the campaign trail, and in all honesty, what they can’t do because of the status quo.

I found it to be very interesting. The writer cites that candidates are not going to get too “passionate” about certain things. They want us to think they are leaders, sure, but they only want to touch on things just enough to get our hineys out to the polls on that infamous day in November.

We don’t know what they’ll do in all honesty. Did we expect what we have now as a nation?

Some of the things the post discussed where items like illegal immigration (where they come out and say NO, we can’t get 12 million folks out of this country in a mass sweep cause it just isn’t going to happen) or that conspiracy theories become urban legends that the media reports as facts.

They are going to say what the majority of people who actually vote or going to buy. Retail, of course.

Interesting. Some of the list of the 20 things candidates won’t talk about will most likely make folks mad, but it’s an interesting dialogue to say the least.

Here is a snippet:

What’s sort of weird about all this is that a lot of people actually seem to agree with the “fringe” candidates – those who confront some of the taboo topics on my list. Ron Paul has had some luck pressing forward with ideas and positions that are considered taboo. He’s the breakout “fringe” candidate this year, but fringe nevertheless. And substantial numbers — maybe even a majority — of Democratic primary voters like Dennis Kucinich’s positions on the issues better than those of Clinton or Obama. But Kucinich’s campaign has never even caught a light breeze.

Obviously, perception trumps content. Voters may agree with nearly everything a fringe candidate says, but when the media echo chamber dismisses that candidate as “fringe,” they are drawing a big “L” for Loser across the candidate’s face. And while voters will eventually develop some measure of contempt for the actual President, loser candidates are beneath contempt, and can’t really be taken seriously.

The idea of retail politics gives me a case of the wiggums. Because it’s a selling technique and that’s about it. It also works on the theory that the squeeky wheel gets the oil.

I think I would add the quote “Mission Accomplished” to that list as something that will never be uttered by a president for the rest of this country’s days.

Ironically, I found this post on Fark.

Just saying.



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12 08 2007
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