You Tube/Democratic Candidates Collide

24 07 2007

I watched part of the CNN/You Tube democratic debate last night. The candidates seemed, to me at least, that this new (I mean, this is sorta historic, you know) medium worked for some and didn’t for other.

I loved when someone would ask a question and they (Joe Biden) would tell what he had done and how groovy he was.

And, although I’ve never been a big Hillary Clinton fan but she came off looking rather good (I’ll give credit where I think it’s deserved.)

But Chris Dodd said something that I thought was rather telling. When a health care question came up, and it appeared that the front runners were going to be the only ones, he very aggressively ask to have time too. I didn’t blame him for that in the least.

Bill Richardson came off okay. Now, for the pundits, I heard about three four different opinions:

1. Hillary came off looking presidential.

2. Obama came off looking presidential.

3. Bill Richardson is jockeying for vice president.

4. Mike Gravel appeared a bit cranky.

With all of this said, no one has my support at this point. And, if Fred Thompson runs, because I live in the state of Tennessee, will my vote really matter on election day?

Just saying.




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24 07 2007

Of course your vote will matter. I’m not convinced ole Fred would necessarily win Tennessee, for three reasons:

1) He’s a big phony, and his phoniness would definitely be a campaign issue. That wouldn’t sit well with most Tennesseeans, even those who fell for the red pickup truck schtick before.

2) People are fed up with the status quo, even here.

3) Remember that in 2004, Kerry (a yankee liberal from Massatoosis) garnered 43 percent of the vote in TN, and he never even campaigned here. If he’d bothered visiting the state a time or two, he might’ve won. Forty-three percent is a pretty hefty base of support for someone who didn’t even bother to campaign, and I’m pretty sure the D candidate in ’08 will probably start with a similar base.

So, yeah, your vote counts. 😉

24 07 2007
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[…] comes to this conclusion after watching: With all of this said, no one has my support at this point. And, if Fred Thompson […]

24 07 2007
Sean Braisted

Your vote may not matter in the General, but because the primary delegates are split up proportional to the vote percentage, your vote does matter in the primary. So the question will be, who do you think will most ably represent you in the Democratic party, and who do you think has the best chance of defeating a Republican in the general?

24 07 2007

Good comments from all. I’m still trying to decide who will best represent my perspective. And everyone is right about the primary.

Yes, I’m a little burned out by it all.
I’m really not wanting the biggest fund raiser to be annointed, if that makes any sense.
And, I’m also trying to go with a big picture perspective of who can lead a nation that I believe is in a tattered state due to a terrible seven years where civil liberties are just static at this time under this current administration.
Don’t know who that is just yet.

24 07 2007

Interesting take on the YouTube debate. I know I am looking forward to dealing with the issues that voters present come the Republican YouTube debate. As part of the Tommy Thompson for President campaign, as his staff we have been trying to use web 2.0 tech to interact with voters through MySpace, YouTube, blogging etc… throughout the campaign thus far. For more information on what we have been up to and to learn more about the “other Thompson” check out:

24 07 2007

What about Kucinich?

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