20 05 2007

Doug and I sorta believe in the same philisophy.

I believe in karma. I believe what goes around comes around. I believe all things balance. Yin and yang. I sometimes lose focus on the big picture and fixate on a turmoil in my life which leads me to question my beliefs. And then I remember all the fortune that befallen me, the smiles and laughs I share with friends and strangers, the help from out of the blue I clumsily try to refuse, and the reminder that I could have been wearing my good shoes when I stepped in the dog poo, and then it all comes together and I am assured that in the end there is harmony. It is the right thing to do.

I agree with him. That little Presbyterian girl who lives inside of me believes very strongly that Karma has not problem beating me about the head with a pipe when I’m out of line. And I also if you treat people with kindness, than it will be given back to me two-fold. Now, with that said, that little Presbyterian girl, who sometimes talks to much and bugs the crap out of me, also says to follow the Golden Rule, even when I don’t want to.

My Sunday morning inspiration if you will from the east side of the state.

There’s more over there at Reality Me.



2 responses

20 05 2007
Richard Brown

I wish karma were a little more balanced though – why is it that “what goes around comes around” only happens to basically good people and the thoroughly evil seem to get ignored?

20 05 2007

I’ve recently become a huge believer in karma. And my belief in karma has probably affected the way I treat people even more than my belief in God.

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