16 04 2007

I saw this over at Bill Hobbs earlier this morning but I couldn’t get it to work. It’s working now.

Apparently there is a lot of interest in bloggers’ rights. Instapundit has one of his one famous two-sentence blurbs, but actually, it’s a a very telling one.

UPDATE: I put this on the master list, but Bob Krumm is linking to a story from The City Paper in Nashville this morning about the entire situation as well with some quote-goodness from Katherine Coble’s attorney.

Bill Hobbs has update number six and it’s a good one. 




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16 04 2007
JLKirk v. Coble Article « This is La Vergne, TN

[…] 16th, 2007 by Kathy T. I just found this article via Newscoma that was published in the Nashville City Paper. It’ s a very interesting read about how the […]

16 04 2007

The Mainstream Media Discovers J.L. Kirk and Associates

Allen, J. 2007. Nashville woman, local headhunting firm squaring off over comments woman made on her blog; libel suit threatened. The City Paper. April 16, 2007. Available online:

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