The Right To Say #2

13 04 2007

I received a few e-mails from folks I didn’t know who asked me to add them to the list I made Wednesday and Thursday regarding the JL Kirk/Katherine Coble situation.

I sort of closed that one out after I found out Coble had legal representation but here are some more if your interested:

Jack Lail

Hobbs Number Four

Bob Krumm

David Lawrence which is linked to on both Hobbs and Krumm’s blogs


So Anyway

Sara Says

Cows and Graveyards

Dan Goodman

John Carney

Radioactive Liberty


Patrick and Lydia

*o, pish posh!*


UPDATE: A couple of local guys share their experiences with JL Kirk

Had a long nap but when I woke up I went over to Tim’s at Mother Tongue Annoynances and does he have a doozie of post. Run, Don’t Walk.

W at Because I Can

Katherine can’t talk about what’s going on, and her blog hits have “hit” the tens of thousands.


Legal Blog Watch

Meta DC

Dreaming 5GW

Sista Smiff waxes philisophical

Lack of a Better Word



And you might want to see this from Sarcastro as well.

And I’m afraid I’m starting to duplicate here a bit, so if I am, let me know, but this one from Lamplighter is really well done and deserves a read.

And Wonderdawg makes me laugh.

Eliyahu ben Moshe

This is La Vergne

For clarity and to have everything in the same location, I’ve combined both of the links posts to the original post so they would be in one place.  You can find it here with the master list of all the posts.



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15 04 2007
The power of Kirking, or, J.L. Kirk - look what you did.. « Salem’s Lots

[…] no one in the kick-ass law firm understands the power of blogs or how Google works. Lots and lots of  other bloggers picked up on the story. I’m guessing people who hire kick-ass […]

16 04 2007
The Right To Say What We Want To Say « Newscoma

[…] Note :4.14.07 I combined this later post with the links from Friday and Saturday to this post so everything would be in one place. […]

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