The Right To Say What We Want To Say

11 04 2007

Katherine Coble had an opinion about an employment agency located in Nashville.

She posted it on her blog.

And now they are threatening her if she doesn’t take it down. Let’s keep in mind that the employment agent in question left a comment herself on Coble’s blog and said a myriad of things that bordered on, we’ll be kind, unprofessional.

Brittney has a breakdown over at NiT.

Katherine doesn’t have a commercial blog. She had an opinion. And now she is being threatened. The letter they sent her is up in full up at her website.

What happened to having an opinion?

Here’s the link for the Chilling Effect Clearinghouse as well.

I really haven’t been able to figure out what I want to say on this right now, but I wanted to make you aware of what was going on. I’m not happy about this. Not happy at all. I think this company is bullying and bluffing.

And that’s not right.

UPDATE: Aunt B. is reporting that Instapundit is reporting Katherine Coble’s story. And the support just keeps on coming at the House of Coble. And here’s more from Say Uncle.

I hate to say it Kirk, but people don’t like Bullies. We just don’t.

SECOND UPDATE: Rachel posts a very detailed post on the Coble story as well with the best closing line ever.

THIRD UPDATE: Rob Robinson strikes an eloquent tone with an underlying message.

And here are a few more:

The Big Think

Bill Hobbs

The World According to Tiff Sniff


Pink Kitty

The Vol Abroad

Moncks Corner Moments

Okay, I’m done. But the point is there are a lot of people talking about this. I repeat, no one likes a bully.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Nope, I lied. I’m not done:

Glen Dean

Ben Kepple

My Beautiful Wickedness

Professor Bainbridge

Hear It From Us


Rex Hammock

The Zero Boss

Bob Krumm

Space for Commerce

Silflay Hraka

Digital Nicotine

Michael Silence

Kathy T. at The La Vergne Tennessee blog

Home Ec 101


And the list keeps going and I’d venture to say it’s going to continue for a while.

THURSDAY MORNING UPDATE: Here are the bloggers who posted overnight:

Sean Braisted

Stackable Bards

Sharon Cobb

Baby TrollBlog

The Lynnster Zone

Steven Hrbar

Kathy T. at The Mute Button

Jay Bush

Rob Huddleston

Bruised Orange

People Powered Satisfaction

Alphecca: New Verb In Town

Musings from Malicious

S-Town Mike

Sue Happy

Knox Views

Saucy Girl

Paul Chenowith

Legal is now PR

The Stupid Stuff I Witness

Lavendar Sparkles

Blogger Fodder

World and Global Politics Blog

Right Side of the Rainbow

More from Technorati

That’s what I have as of this morning. Just keeping a running tab of links documenting the outrage and support of Free Speech.

UPDATE: Katherine Coble’s story has ended up on the aggregator Memeorandum with these blogs weighing in:

Captain’s Quarters

The Q and O Blog

Patterico’s Pontifications

Classical Values

Blue Crab Boulevard

Outside the Beltway

UPDATE: Bob Krumm’s post made it on Fark according to NiT.

ALSO: Squirrel Queen has created a photochop in honor of JL Kirk trying to stop KC from having an opinion. There may be a squirrel in the picture, but there is also some thoughtful commentary about blogging.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: Let’s see who else is coming in:

Nashville Knucklehead

Volunteer Voters

LLLori’s Blog

Seattle Duck

Left Wing Cracker

Mark Rose

7 Deadly Sins

Middle Earth Journal

Coyote Chronicles

Besotted Blog


A Pound of Thoughts

The Freedonian

For Lack of A Better Word



Bill Hobbs said in the comment section of Volunteer Voters’s post that The Media Blogger’s Association might be getting involved. He reports this on his own blog as well.

Bob Krumm has a new post up


The Jawa Report

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler


D.A. Ridgely

Jag at Being Brilliant


Salon is linking to the story as well.

Roger Abramson over at Bob’s Digs


The Florida Masochist

The Roundtable

Peoria Pundit

Six Meat Buffet

Political Mavens

UPDATE : In the last 24 hours, we’ve seen what a few thoughtful people can do. This is my last update on this post.

Katherine Coble has obtained legal represenation. She is being represented by The Media Bloggers Association. A letter was sent to her, which is here.

Thanks to everyone. On both sides of the political spectrum, we came together.

And that, my friends, makes me hopeful and is so ever of the good.

Editor’s Note :4.14.07 I combined this later post with the links from Friday and Saturday to this post so everything would be in one place. Thanks.

I received a few e-mails from folks I didn’t know who asked me to add them to the list I made Wednesday and Thursday regarding the JL Kirk/Katherine Coble situation.

I sort of closed that one out after I found out Coble had legal representation but here are some more if your interested:

Jack Lail

Hobbs Number Four

Bob Krumm

David Lawrence which is linked to on both Hobbs and Krumm’s blogs


So Anyway

Sara Says

Cows and Graveyards

Dan Goodman

John Carney

Radioactive Liberty


Patrick and Lydia

*o, pish posh!*


UPDATE: A couple of local guys share their experiences with JL Kirk

Had a long nap but when I woke up I went over to Tim’s at Mother Tongue Annoynances and does he have a doozie of post. Run, Don’t Walk.

W at Because I Can

Katherine can’t talk about what’s going on, and her blog hits have “hit” the tens of thousands.


Legal Blog Watch

Meta DC

Dreaming 5GW

Sista Smiff waxes philisophical

Lack of a Better Word



And you might want to see this from Sarcastro as well.

And I’m afraid I’m starting to duplicate here a bit, so if I am, let me know, but this one from Lamplighter is really well done and deserves a read.

And Wonderdawg makes me laugh.

Eliyahu ben Moshe

This is La Vergne

I’m not sure I have all of Bill Hobb’s posts on here, but here is number five and it’s a good one. It also links everything else that he’s written on the subject to date.

Last Refuge of a Scoundrel


Living Single In the Buckle Of The Bible Belt

Done with Mirrors

Baby Troll Blog


John H. writes up an overview after the last four days in a post put up this morning.

The Homeless Guy

New post from S-Town Mike on Blogger Jujitsu

Brittney Gilbert, blogherder of Nashville is Talking, produced a clip for Friday’s news on WKRN. Here is the clip over at her personal blog, Sparkwood & 21


Neural Misfires

Bob Krumm again

More from Bill Hobbs

And Bob Krumm reports early this Monday Morning that JL Kirk is off-line.

The City Paper picked the story up (H/T Krumm) and has a story about it today.

Neocon Express 




79 responses

11 04 2007

We need a full Mabel alert. They should be bitten severely.

I am not joking.

Well, sort of.

(Feel better, please, too, dahlink.)

11 04 2007


11 04 2007

This is nuts, guys.
I know she needs to do what makes her feel comfortable but this is such a violation of everyone’s rights.
I really do not like bullies.

11 04 2007

Well, I hope JL Kirk is happy, they are now looking like major jerks in front of the entire country. Take a peek at Kat’s sitemeter. 1000K+ hits last hour, climbing like you wouldn’t believe and the hits are from all over.

Heck, this is more fun than watching Ivy and I’s site meter.

11 04 2007

I know. It’s just amazing how these guys didn’t realize that they started a shit storm.

11 04 2007
11 04 2007
Rob Robinson

No kidding. Whoops, Kirk & crew. 🙂

11 04 2007
Nashville is Talking » A Play-By-Play: The JL Kirk & Associates Saga

[…] someone’s joy Say Uncle: Is calling JL Kirk & Associates a bunch of asshats actionable?* Newscoma: The Right To Say What We Want To Say Rachel Walden: Off Topic: Don’t Bully the Bloggers Aunt B: None Shall Pass; Or This, Too, Shall […]

11 04 2007

So, I was just thinking… maybe when a certain someone inevitably gets himself voted out of office (due to blogging his way out of office), he can go to JL Kirk to help find himself a new job. Seems fitting, bullies would probably like to help other bullies, right?

11 04 2007

(I know, I’m being bad) 😉

11 04 2007


11 04 2007
Home Ec 101 » Blog Archive » The curious case of JL Kirk and Associates

[…] course, all hell breaks loose.  In a move much like the “I am Spartacus!” “No, I am […]

11 04 2007

I was just Googling and noted KC’s original posts are probably going to get nudged off page one of the search before the night’s over. Krumm, Hobbs, Bainbridge and one or two others are already on page one.

It hasn’t even been 12 hours yet since it all started.

I was just about to reply to that comment in the Thinking/Thinker Blog thread at KC’s when she posted the Kirk stuff, I might get back to that eventually. I am so humbled and honored by what Tim said, but I was thinking last night when I saw the first few of those that I shouldn’t be one of them. I’m about the most off the top of my head, seat of my pants, goofball NON-thinking blogger I know, heh.

11 04 2007
KC, you have my support! « GingerSnaps

[…] Newscoma: The Right To Say What We Want To Say John Hutcheson: Hey J.L. Kirk and Associates – Nobody likes a bully Rachel Walden: Off Topic: Don’t Bully the Bloggers Aunt B: None Shall Pass; Or This, Too, Shall Pass Lynnster: Hey! Welcome to All Who Don’t Like the Public to Have Opinions or Free Speech! Magniloquence: I am never going to get any work done (courtesy of JL Kirk) S-townMike: Local Job Headhunter Service Attempts to Intimidate Local Blogger Tiff Sniff: Fired Up Bob Krumm: Kirked Bill Hobbs: Suing a Blogger Toys in the Attic: Time for me to steal someone’s joy Say Uncle: Is calling JL Kirk & Associates a bunch of asshats actionable?* Instapundit […]

11 04 2007

You are great. Tim’s words were just wonderful and awesome about you and all true.

11 04 2007
Blue Collar Republican » Blog Archive » Blog Burst April 11, 2007

[…] The Right To Say What We Want To Say Annnnnd Don Imus is toast. MUSLIM GROUP CALLS FOR IMUS ADVERTISER, GUEST BOYCOTT Pelosi Terror-state Appeasement Tour May Continue. Next stop: Tehran Haditha Marine Case – Prosecutorial Mess? Former Hostage Speaks Out Can’t “wind down” until the work is done Bacon–The New Hate Crime Calling All Bloggers! List of American sanctuary cities April 5, 2007 … I Really Wanna Know… Democrats Demand Inquiry Into How They’re Doing So Far The Heart/Transplant World… WI WLIC Feedback to Limit NAIS Finally it’s Going to be Put to an End! Charges to be Dropped in Duke Lacrosse Case. An Inconvenient Truth What’s The Firearm? 20070411 (Who cares?) Sometimes I wonder why I contemplate running for the Legislature… […]

11 04 2007
Bob Krumm » Kirked

[…] heck. I’m going to bed.  Newscoma’s got the […]

11 04 2007 Rex Hammock’s weblog » Blog Archive » Bloggers and the lawyers who order them to remove posts

[…] Newscoma is maintaining a master list of Nashville bloggers’ reaction posts. permalink | categories: blogging | Time posted: 1:47 pm on Wednesday, April 11th, 2007 […]

11 04 2007
Katherine Coble

Where are you finding all these? ;-p


My wordpress blog normally gets about 500-600 hits a day. (WordPress hits are different than sitemeter hits for who knows what reason…)

Yesterday it had nearly 7,000. So I guess people know about it now.

12 04 2007

Just keeping a running list.
Most has been just searching JL Kirk. You might also check your Technorati page which I think Bob Krumm (?) had listed.
How are you doing, Katherine?

12 04 2007
Update On Being Kirked « Newscoma

[…] wanted you to know I updated the list on bloggers speaking out in support of Katherine Coble’s blog. I started a list of blogs I could find. I have not found one blog yet that spoke out in support of […]

12 04 2007

Thanks for keeping this list!

12 04 2007
Kathy T.

This is amazing to watch. Glad you’ve got the link love post going.

12 04 2007
Pay up, shut up, or get sued « The Cats Demand Answers

[…] Amendment (for there are FAR smarter and better people addressing this than me [click here and here for some mighty fine lists of who all is writing about this]), but to touch on what seems to me to […]

12 04 2007
Thought police « The Squirrel Queen

[…] For a full list of links on this ongoing story that affects us all, check out her post. […]

12 04 2007

You don’t like bullies? Me neither especially the ones that have blogs like this. I don’t know what else to call it when you don’t like a company but instead of just taking your business elsewhere you start a global campaign to wipe them from the face of the planet.

Yea, a company losing all its business vs. some opinionated blogger twat having to remove her libel. Somehow I think even the First Amendment would tell this lady to STFU.

I really enjoy how every blogger thinks they are some grassroots hero. “We can make a difference! That difference is of course whatever pet issue I decided to take on this week.” You are not crusaders, you are worthless lumps of flesh typing away on a keyboard, trying to get all your readers to make a big deal out of nothing. Not because they agree with your ideals. No, just because they like giving people shit.

Making 1 company suffer just because they don’t bend down and kiss blogger ass does nothing to change anything.

This is nothing more than a bunch of bloggers congratulating each other over their perceived social power. If you morons really want to masturbate with, use your hand and genitals, not a keyboard and mouse.

12 04 2007
Nashville is Talking » JL Kirk & Associates: The Monster Round-Up

[…] use this space to list to every single post about the threatened lawsuit that I can find. No need. Newscoma’s doing a hell of a job. Keep checking there for a comprehensive list. Spread It Around: These icons link to social […]

12 04 2007
Busy Mom

Excellent job.

Afecks? Such a way with words, aren’t you typing on a keyboard, too? Remind me not to use yours after you’re through.

12 04 2007


I don’t think the bloggers are bullying. The initial problem started when JL Kirk didn’t like that they got a bad review and tried to intimidate Kat into taking down the posts through threat of legal action, when she clearly did nothing wrong.

You must either work for JL Kirk or maybe you’re just Aaron Sorkin

12 04 2007
Pink Kitty

Don’t feed the troll!

12 04 2007
This is HUGE! «

[…] owner knows so little about the internet that they would pick this fight?  Staggeringly stupid.  My bestest Memphis area friend is doing a stellar job of recapping and keeping us apprised of developments, almost in real time.  […]

12 04 2007
The Florida Masochist

The Easter Thursday Knucklehead Festival Part Four

Our fourth winner today is JL Kirk & Associates, former known as formerly Bernard Haldane.

12 04 2007

Can I add my blog to the list? Way to go, Katherine Coble!

12 04 2007
A Pound of Thoughts

Katherine Coble v. JL Kirk: The Blogosphere is Alive!

Go here to see a link of the blogs who are writing about this subject…and to think, it’s only been going on for about 24 hours!

12 04 2007
Blue Collar Republican » Blog Archive » There Is No Double Standard…

[…] have not commented on this matter thus far, since every other blogger in the State of Tennessee has done so fairly well. Although no […]

12 04 2007
i hate jimmy page

[…] So here we have it, a sad woman, embittered with the lack of $5,000 and the willingness of people to take something she doesn’t have, lashing out the only way she knows how. What do we do in response? Tell her to grow up and accept the fact that businesses are out to make money and not hold your hand and cuddle? Nay, we all jump on the anti-corporate bandwagon to stick it to “The Man”. Maybe they didn’t do anything wrong, but some company like them probably did and that’s good enough for us to rip someone to pieces. At least it is for the internet. […]

12 04 2007

I’m really curious as to whether “afecks” and “i hate jimmy page” are one and the same.

12 04 2007
joining the fight « I’m about to be brilliant

[…] the breakdown of events thus far, see this post from Nashville Is Talking or this updated post from Newscoma.  Brittney and Las Coma (along with the seemingly millions of other bloggers linked) are making […]

12 04 2007

I believe, Rachel, they are one in the same.

12 04 2007
i hate jimmy page

“Afecks” was not registered. I registered with wordpress as “i hate jimmy page” and started my own anti-blog at if you really care. It’s not a mystery. I repeat some of the things I’ve said here, on the blog.

If for some reason it is mystifying that I changed names, I apologize. I’m not a corporate shill or a troll. I’m just here to speak my mind. I thought that was the point of all this infrastructure.

12 04 2007

No, it wasn’t mystifying I Hate JimmyPage but it was just a question that was asked here and at other blogs that was answered.

12 04 2007

I must say: “I hate jimmy page” is a really intelligent person…He can’t even talk without using expletives.

“I hate jimmy page”: I am going to start posting words with their meanings on my blog. I invite you to come by there and learn some. Then you won’t have to use expletives like “f**k” every other sentence.

Here’s your first one:

expletive: an interjectory word or expression, frequently profane; an exclamatory oath

Hope this helps you. Have a good day!

12 04 2007
i hate jimmy page

Dear Eric,

I have read your definition for “expletive” and of note is the entry, “an interjectory word or expression”.

I fail to see how my usage is incongruous with your definition.

Thank you for the tip none the less.

12 04 2007
A Pound of Thoughts

Starting a “Word of the Day” Post

I made a promise to a commenter on Newscoma that I would start putting vocabulary words on here, so he wouldn’t have to use expletives all the time. Well, I guess it would be fitting to start with what an

12 04 2007

The point being this: That you had to use an expletive in place of a more concrete word, such as antiallbloggers or againstallbloggers, or something to that effect. You could also use blacklistallbloggers or boycottallbloggers. Shoot, even precludeallbloggers would have been better!

12 04 2007
Nashville is Talking » Comprehensive List of Libel ;)

[…] Newscoma is still tracking blog posts regarding JL Kirk & Associates’ threat of a lawsuit…. I’m kind of impressed with her link herding abilities. Spread It Around: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

12 04 2007

Hey ‘Coma, looking good. Hope you’re feeling better!

12 04 2007

Thanks Jag.

12 04 2007

Bernard Haldane supposedly offered clients the same type services as JL Kirk & Associates, but they were sued by the state of MN and IL for their practices. Other states have issued consumer alerts about Bernard Haldane’s buisness practices, KS and AZ for example.

Bernard Haldane is mentioned in the attorney’s letter to Kat Coble.

Bernard Haldane operated in Nashville at the following address:
9005 Overlook Blvd
Brentwood, TN 37027-5269

I can’t find anything that says Haldane operates in the Nashville area anymore, their phone is disconnected, and their company’s website no longer exists. But JL Kirk & Associates was also listed in Nashville at the same address and has since moved from that address.

I can’t make sense of that.

12 04 2007
i hate jimmy page

Eric, you’re kidding yourself if you think any of those have the same feeling or the same power as what I ultimately chose.

Your reaction is all I need to know I made the right choice.

12 04 2007
12 04 2007

Christian, makes one take pause, doesn’t it?

12 04 2007

Given the attention that the attorney for JL Kirk & Associates wants focused on this, it’s worth exploring the facts. If you read the letter to Kat Coble from the attorney, the mention of Bernard Haldane is a raw nerve begging an explaination.

12 04 2007

I noticed that too.
I agree, it is a huge and raw.
This is all very interesting.

12 04 2007
Lake Neuron | K-Co

[…] what I didn’t forsee — and should have — is that Kat would actually get a major outpouring of support, including publicity from nationally-known web sites like Fark and Instapundit, and an offer of […]

12 04 2007
12 04 2007
12 04 2007

From MN’s lawsuit against Bernard Haldane:

Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch has sued Bernard Haldane for misrepresenting the services it provides to job seekers, to whom it charges $5,000 to $16,000.

Bernard Haldane represents to job seekers that it has exclusive access to a “hidden job market” with thousands of employment opportunities not available to the general public; that its fees are based on a purported “market analysis” and will likely be reimbursed by the hiring company; and that consumers who use its services obtain a job within 90 to 120 days.

The lawsuit alleges that these representations, and others, are false, deceptive, and misleading.

12 04 2007

From IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan:

Madigan’s suit charges two corporations operating under the name Bernard Haldane and Associates, California-based DRB, Ltd. and Illinois-based Career Management, Inc., and the individual salesmen working for Career Management, Inc. In Illinois, the business is operated in Chicago, Oakbrook Terrace and Rolling Meadows. However, the company has offices worldwide.

Claiming to put clients in touch with a “secret job market,” the defendants allegedly sold career counseling services to Illinois consumers by promising to match candidates with their ideal job and claiming to be selective about which clients they took on. While the company mainly targeted middle- and upper-management job seekers, clients with less formal education were assured that a lack of education would not be an obstacle for finding a high-paying job. In addition, the company conducted psychological exams but had no one qualified to analyze the results of those tests.

Madigan said the defendants built up false hopes in their clients and then asked for money, taking a financial profile of each applicant and charging the clients varying amounts of money based on the liquid assets of each applicant. The fees ranged between $3,500 and $12,500 and unfairly charged different customers higher fees for the same service.

12 04 2007

The Attorney General of KS:


The Attorney General entered into an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance with the Defendantson May 20, 1999, for providing deceptive career consulting services. The Defendants agreed to refrainfrom future violations, and pay restitution to consumers and $40,000 in civil penalties and investigative

12 04 2007

The Attorney General of OH:

The state of Ohio has sued two businesses for selling but not providing career counseling services to job-seekers in Ohio, an unfair and deceptive business practice in violation of the state’s consumer protection laws.

“The defendants accepted thousands of dollars from Ohio consumers for the promise of employment but misrepresented both their services and their potential outcomes,” Attorney General Jim Petro said. “It is particularly unconscionable to mislead job-seekers when times are tough.”

“It is particularly unconscionable to mislead job-seekers when times are tough.”

12 04 2007

“false, deceptive, and misleading”
“false hopes”
“deceptive career consulting services”
“particularly unconscionable”

That’s a lot to talk about from four state Attorney Generals.

12 04 2007
Katherine Coble

Attorneys General.

/language snob

12 04 2007
Katherine Coble

(and that comment was brief because I’m watching my mouth and fingers for a spell.)

12 04 2007
An Attack on Kat Coble is an Attack on All... « Cows and Graveyards

[…] then, all hell has broken loose on the blogosphere.   Newscoma has all the links gathered together here.  NiT has been an important conduit for disseminating the word, and its starting to go national […]

12 04 2007

Great post/ posts!

Really inspired me
Thank you 🙂

13 04 2007

That is some damn fine reporting there, both in the post and in the comments. You’re to be congratulated!

13 04 2007

Man, you got it going on.
Now I’m getting all inspired to dig too.

13 04 2007
The Right To Say #2 « Newscoma

[…] I sort of closed that one out after I found out Coble had legal representation but here are some more if your interested: […]

13 04 2007

Ho-lee Hannah. Y’all are just somethin’ else.

Behold, the power of teeny little jolts of electricity going back and forth real fast all around the world.


Glad you’re feeling better, miss girl. Hugs.

13 04 2007
Dear Santa « The Lynnster Zone

[…] If the Newscoma and Hutchmo Mondo Awesome Organizers with matching action figures are available also, those would […]

13 04 2007
Mother Tongue Annoyances » My Experience with JL Kirk Associates

[…] Newscoma: “The Right To Say What We Want To Say” […]

14 04 2007

Now that you’re a blogger, afecks, how about taking your own advice vis-a-vis your blog title and go … copulate yourself.

14 04 2007
When You Try to Control Free Speech « This is La Vergne, TN

[…] is Talking picked up the story. So did Newscoma. Instapundit. Bill Hobbs. Aunt B. The Knoxville News-Sentinel. Home-Ec 101. Blogs in South […]

15 04 2007
Mother Tongue Annoyances Does Some Homework « Newscoma

[…] night, I got a bit OCD and put all of the links talking about this on one post so it would be documented all together. It’s here  […]

16 04 2007
*o, pish posh!* » Blog Archive » *thankful thursday, 4.12.07*

[…] ~a bajillion people standing up for my friend Kat. JL Kirk’s biggest regret after all this is going to be requiring prospective clients to bring a spouse to their consultation. Seriously. […]

3 06 2007
Really Really Good: Gemini Music Month « Canhead

[…] low they can go. If you have been out of work and searching for a job for a long period of time, you can relate to this story. Nashville resident, job seeker, and blog writer details a meeting with a less than scrupulous job […]

12 07 2007

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11 11 2007

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