A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book

10 04 2007

So now the steroids have kicked in and my eyes look like an iguanas, jumping all over the place and not able to go in one direction.

I’m literally itching out of my skin, and there was a skunk in the front yard a while back so Homer is going to wake up to some nastiness tomorrow. She had a bad day which I couldn’t help her fix, so I’m hoping that the skunk smell is gone. Thought I’d share another “charming” day in northwest Tennessee.

Skunks smell, if you didn’t know and it’s about as bad as that episode of The Partridge Family where a skunk got in the bus and everyone had to take a bath in tomato juice. Yeah, they don’t make shows like that anymore. Skunks smell bad when they get freaked out and I have no doubt the dogs going apeshit didn’t help the situation.

Sometimes I think when a person is sick, either temporary like I am or chronically, getting toward a cure taking this confound drugs wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the side effects of the medication which can be difficult. I have it easy though, this is fixable with a little rest (which I’m not getting) and some down time. It’s nearly two a.m. and I’ve been pondering some things and I’m itching. And I’m hot. But I’m not hacking up organs like I was and that is of the good.

normal_starry_night-vincent_vangogh1152×864.jpgSo my travels this evening:

  • Why is wrestling on the Sci Fi channel? I don’t get it. I realize that there is some tangible possibility that Vince McMahon is from outer space but we are still waiting for scientific proof.
  • I found this blog of an intern in the 105th General Assembly here in the state. His name is Eric Freeland Fox. He hasn’t updated in a couple of weeks, but I still found it interesting.
  • In looking at blogs I’ve never read before on the Tag Surfer and I found this one called QueensMabsmuse and I liked her quote of the day which I recommend to everyone.
  • Interesting first post at Ogden Blogden, that I also found on Tag Surfer on why he started his blog which appears he just started yesterday or today.
  • Boing Boing has the scoop on the BBC documentary on Westboro Baptist Church. I watched the Google video up and I have a seen a family suffer at WBC’s hands. I suggest people become educated on what the Phelps family is trying to do, because having seen it up close, it truly sickens me.
  • Some people don’t like snakes. I don’t like spiders. It’s phobia level and cave crickets are also on the list. So I found this over at Boing Boing too and I’m completely and totally freaked out. I’d rather have another shot of these nasty steroids zooming through my body than deal with spiders. This, to me, is terrifying. I’ll hold and chill out with a snake, but no spiders for me.
  • Short and Fat… There is no one like him.
  • Modern Fabulosity is new to me, and by golly I like it.
  • Shakespeare’s Sister has moved and changed their name. The new address is here at Shakesville.

So here are my midnight ramblings around the blogosphere. I’m still itching. The skunky smell seems to have lightened up. Wonder if I need to get the tomato juice out. I’ll try to avoid hydrochodone blogging tomorrow.

Or maybe not.


The title of this post is an Irish Proverb.




9 responses

10 04 2007
Sharon Cobb

Don’t ya know I’m the one ya call when ya can’t sleep?
I think I get more called between midnight and five am than during the afternoon and early evening!
Steroids,eh? Prednisone,yes? You’ll breathe a lot better. You’ll also get really hungry. I’ve taken Pred for both my Lupus and Asthma, and I always gain a lot of weight on it, so I try to suffer with the pain so I don’t get as big as a house!
I wish you could have come over last night. No one in the blog world showed up, but I think you would have loved my friends.
I saved you a brownie. (for some reason, I have a terrible case of the munchies and could end up eating it, though)

10 04 2007

I love your blog. May I add you to my blogroll?

10 04 2007

Or add your blog to my roll? Hmm…?

10 04 2007
Katherine Coble

You may be itching as a reaction to the Vi-Q-Tuss.

If you break out in hives, call your doctor. You’re already bronchial so you wouldn’t know if it was impairing your breathing.

As far as the steroids go, Sharon’s right about that….they can make you blow up.

10 04 2007

Sharon, If I’d been in Nashville, I would have come.
Queenmabsmuse, please add me and I’ll add you. I really liked your site as well. And the quote was luscious.
Katherine, The itching was pretty horrible. Thus far no hives and I don’t have to take any more steroids unless the I have another shot. He gave me a syringe of it yesterday. The Vi-Q-Tuss has really helped the coughing, just made me squirrelly and I’m also taking Gauaifenex where one of the side effects is itching. It’s your basic expectorant along with my narcotic cough syrup so I’m trying just to get through the nasties with the side effects.
I am breathing better and coughing more productively so this is good.
My mom took steroids and bless her heart, she suffered through the “moon” face and putting on about 20 lbs in about three weeks.

10 04 2007
sara sue

‘Coma, I know this probably isn’t the correct thing to say but you know how incorrect I am – I am enjoying the hell out of the non-wellness posts! You have me giggling, crying and bookmarking sites … more than usual! I hope you feel better soon but please don’t stop posting while under the influence!

10 04 2007

Thanks Sara Sue.
You know, I got to depressed earlier this year. This impaired blogging is bringing the old me back.
Slurping on the cough syrup now so who knows what’s going to happen 🙂

10 04 2007

One of my oldest and dearest friends LOVES the smell of skunk. And gasoline. Ugh.

10 04 2007

Yikes, Lynnster.

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