Ivins Is Gone

1 02 2007


And a candle is lit.

Molly Ivins has succumbed to breast cancer.

And I’m sad about this.

Photo from here


Update: This is the one of the last columns written by Ivins. Read and enjoy.




4 responses

1 02 2007
Kathy T.

Oh no! I hadn’t heard yet. I’m so sad… I liked her as much as Ann Richards.

1 02 2007

What a sad day for the patriots of this country. She was a huge voice and inspiration to all of us. Her wit, her truth, and her incredible writing will surely live on, however. She wouldn’t want us to mourn today, but rather, she would want us to hit the streets to protest!

I miss her already.

1 02 2007

I agree.
She led the way.

2 02 2007

I had the good fortune to hear Molly speak a couple of times, and I have always remembered one of her stories on church-state separation. It seems the Texas state legislature had decided to place a nativity scene in the capitol rotunda. Calling around the government offices for a comment, the only person Molly could get on the phone was then-state treasure Ann Richards.

When asked to comment on whether or not it was appropriate to have the nativity scene in the capitol Richards responded: “Gee Molly, I’d hate to see it taken out … it might be our only chance to get three wise men in that building!”

I hope they are having a great time!

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