Trying To Figure It Out

9 01 2007

I’m headed to Memphis early Thursday morning and I’m looking forward to it. A conversation with a lovely man yesterday who has moved back to Hooterville temporarily to take care of his aging (and ailing) parents made me feel very good, and retrospective on setting goals.

Isn’t amazing when you meet someone and your brain screams (He/She GETS IT). God, I love that.

I love talking to intellectuals. Of course, many times I sound like a rube, but you know how it goes.

His visit brought up several things for me. First of all, I think going to the Conference on Media Reform is necessary. As a very small fish (guppy) in the big scheme of media in this country, I realized that change can be initiated when the guppies group up. I think the information I garner from this trip will only help me professionally in the long-term. So much of our community doesn’t have a voice and I need to find a way to get people to be interactive with everyone (the African American Community, the college community, the Hispanic community, etc.)

Everyone needs a voice. And I need to do work on doing this better.

So how do I do that, I ponder to myself.

The thing most likely to help is to open the newspaper more as a beacon for diversity for everyone and hope that it will to serve as angateway. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been working on this for three years and it is better but not where I want it to be. Sometimes the newspaper gets to full of itself that we forget our mission and that is that it is our job to provide the space for those voices.

But I need to figure out how to do that more effectively. So maybe the conference will give me some ideas.

The other thing that I have been soul-searching is how to bridge my chosen profession and the onslaught of the digital age. I like to read Sechrist over at WKRN  and Jeff Jarvis (as well as many others but those two come to mind)but I’m not finding the answers I need because of the limited budget and my cranium not working as properly as I would like.

Marrying the new media with the old media is a conversation I’m having with a lot of folks.

You see, I may run a bi-weekly paper but the thing is, I would like to see how to arrange this effectively where everyone wins.

There are people in this world (I’m one of them) that loves the smudged ink stains on the tips of my fingers, the smell of a newly printed paper still toasty from coming off the press, reading the cutlines with an editor’s words describing their interpretation of a picture and opening the box of a newspaper box, the change clicking into the small box offering me a little slice of the world.

I also love the blogging community I’m in. Instant feedback, intimacy, dialogue and slices of worlds that I used to not have access to.

So, how kind readers, do those of us who professionally work in news build the bridge in rural communities.

It’s an answer I do not know but I’m going to do my best to find out.

Incidentally, if anyone is headed to Memphis to go to the conference, let me know. I will have my laptop with me, so just drop me a line. You’ll probably find me, at least for a little while, with Lynnster.

I’m going to offer her the idea of plotting world domination through music. I think she’ll dig that.




4 responses

9 01 2007
john h

Or, you can emulate my ‘conversation’ with her and jabber the entire time, leaving her little time to do anything but sigh.

I”m envious, NC, because now I have a second Lynn(the ‘ster) that I care about and enjoy talking TO (and sometimes with). Keep the beat and know that i’ll be envying you this weekend.

9 01 2007

I wish you could come with. I think you would enjoy it more than anybody.

10 01 2007
Holiday Grinch

Can’t wait to hear about it! I started my blog as a way to get a better grasp of what’s developing…used to be pub and eic of a b2b news weekly.

10 01 2007
Rob Robinson

Very thought-provoking post, nc. Like you, I am very curious to see where this is all headed, and you inspired a related post of my own. I wrote that as though ‘this’ were a destination where we are all going to stop and smell the roses. Who am I kidding–we’ll plow right past it and keep wondering what lies farther down the road. Meet you there. 🙂

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